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Marvel Contest of Champions – Game News and Review

Marvel Contest of Champions – Game News and Review

Marvel Contest of Champions, a fighting game, was released December 10, 2014. This game was developed by Kabam and is set in the Marvel universe. This game is heavily inspired by the events in the comic book series of the name. This game is both challenging and fun.

Marvel Contest of Champions Event Quests

There are many ways for players to gain gold and other rewards in Marvel Contest of Champions. There are many event quests you can complete in addition to the arenas and standard battles. These quests may lead players to unique items or give them special rewards.

This game features 6 class combinations, each with its own benefits. There are advantages for champions belonging to the Mutant, Mystic and Science classes over others. The boosts that champion classes grant to their base stats and base attacks distinguish them from other classes. Different champions have different class bonuses. These bonuses can be used for boosting the stats of champions or even collecting Punisher.

Characters in the game

Marvel Contest of Champions lets you choose from a variety of Marvel Universe characters. Each character has its own unique moves and abilities. Each character can be classified into one of six classes. As you play the game, characters can be unlocked.

There are 3 in-game currencies as well as 3 special event currencies, gold, units and battlechips. You can use gold to upgrade your champion, buy arena crystals, and purchase tickets for alliances. You can use battlechips to purchase items. Arena crystals can be used to purchase items and gold. You can also earn loyalty points by joining alliances.

Two-dimensional fighting is possible with the help of a team made up of heroes. Based on the Marvel comic books, the gameplay of the game is similar. The game lets players create a team from the various characters and then fight other heroes in boss battles and quests. You unlock new heroes and characters as you play the game.

marvel contest of champions review

ESRB rating

Marvel Contest of Champions, a mobile fighting game for free, rewards you for your free play more than other games. It was created by Kabam Games and was recently acquired by Netmarble. The game was launched in 2014 and is continuously updated.

You can pick from many heroes and villains. Online players can form alliances. This game requires fast reflexes and good motor skills. This game is suitable for all ages. It is rated E for everyone by the ESRB. It contains some violence and is not recommended for children younger than 5.

There are many in-game currencies available, including gold, units and special event currencies. You can upgrade your champions, purchase items and buy alliance tickets. You can also purchase arena crystals which will give you gold and units. They can also collect Punisher if they have a winning combination. Although there is no sex, the game contains some very violent scenes. It may not be suitable for children younger than 12.

Pricing in Marvel game

Prices for game vary depending on how much money you have available. There are three major in-game currencies available: gold, battlechips, and units. These currencies can be used for upgrades to champions or the purchase of items. Battlechips can also be used to buy arena crystals that are worth gold or units. You can also collect special champions such as Punisher with battlechips. By joining an alliance, you can also earn loyalty. Loyalty can also be used to purchase crystals.

The initial pricing for Marvel Contest of Champions was US$4.99 per monthly. However, the game was made free of charge when Kabam launched it to other Asian markets. Kabam collaborated with Google’s international team in order to create localized campaigns to make the game more available. Google provided industry benchmarks and cultural insights. Kabam also focused its go to market strategy on YouTube. YouTube has a large reach in Asia Pacific. This allowed Kabam to reach out to fans already interested in Marvel Comic Universe.

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