survivor io – Games Review – 2022

This Survivor io review will cover the controls, difficulty, balance, and other aspects of the game. My goal is to let you make a decision about whether to give it a try. It’s a casual arcade-style shooter with anonymous maps and a simple gameplay system. You’ll need pieces to upgrade your character and make him stronger as you battle the enemy waves. You will be able to access new weapons, additional resistance bonuses, and more health with each refill of your supplies.


You have many options to increase your survivor stats in this game. Weapons can be used to increase your health and damage. Forcefield devices can be used to stop enemies from coming too close. A drone type A is a great tool to deal with large groups. Passive items can be found that increase the stats of your weapon.

You can improve your skills and advance with Survivor io. It’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store. This game is a great roguelike and has stunning graphics. It starts out easy and increases in difficulty to make it more challenging.

survivor io review

Survivor io difficulty

Survivor io, an online survival game that is free to play, can be found here. There are many ways to increase your survivor’s skill level and stats. You can equip yourself with special abilities and gear. By equipping different types of weapons or passive items, you can significantly improve your survival stats.

The first stage is fairly easy. As you advance, the difficulty will increase. You will learn skills as you move on. The game’s difficulty will eventually increase, so you will need to put in a lot of effort and time to survive.

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